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Visa Fraud

Committing fraud when applying for a visa is a serious offense. Applicants who commit fraud will be denied visas on current applications, and may not be able to qualify for a visa any time in the future.

If you have specific information about visa fraud, we would like to hear it. Write to us at

The following are some examples of visa fraud:

  • Not answering questions truthfully or completely on the application forms, or during the interview.
  • Submitting a document, like a birth certificate, with false information. How and where you got the document does not matter if the information is false.
  • Submitting an official document, like a birth certificate, obtained from a non-official source, even if the information is true.
  • Submitting any document that supports a relationship that doesn't really exist.
  • Applying for a tourist visa if you intend to stay in the U.S., or study in the U.S.