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American English Language Classes

The American Center English Language Program only registers students in the weeks prior to each term. New students must register and take an English skills placement test. The AC offers four terms per year, each ten weeks in length. Terms usually start in late January, early May, late July, and early October.  Please look for our brochure at the American Center to learn when to register for our next term. Also, we encourage you to periodically stop by the Baldwin Library to learn about special upcoming events.

Core Classes:  Core classes meet Monday-Friday, 100 minutes per day. The class schedule varies. Classes begin every day at 8:00am, 10:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm and 5:00pm.

  • English Level 1 (Beginner) – Designed for beginning students of English who are interested in improving their general English speaking and writing skills.
  • English Level 2 (High Beginner) – Designed to improve students’ proficiency in all four skill areas: speaking, listening, writing and reading.
  • English Level 3 (Low Intermediate) – Expands on key grammar forms introduced in the beginner courses. Students also begin to focus on improving pronunciation and formal writing skills.
  • English Level 4 (Intermediate) – Students use all four skill areas to discuss many topics, including cultural expectations, problems and solutions, and opinions.
  • English Level 5 (High Intermediate) – This class focuses on academic English preparation, with an emphasis on essay writing.
  • English Level 6 (Advanced) – Advanced students are challenged with a variety of English language activities that greatly improve critical thinking skills and preparation for higher learning in English.


Elective Classes:  The American Center Elective classes are designed to focus on specific areas of English. Elective classes meet two or three days per week, 100 minutes per class, in the afternoons and evenings. Classes vary and are dependent on student interest.  Typically elective classes that are offered are:

Public Speaking (Level 4 and above):  This course will provide an overview of the core concepts associated with public speaking. Students will apply these skills to activities and projects such as personal narratives, impromptu situations, persuasive speaking, negotiations, individual debates, and group debates.

Creative Writing (Level 5 and above): Creative Writing class is an advanced writing course, designed to improve writing skills in a small class, and share ideas with other writers, while focusing on several themes and styles of fiction.